Circus Artist- Turning hoop- Cyr Wheel

From gymnastics to dance, finding her real passion in circus.

Diana, first started as a gymnastics kid, Trained for around 8 years till she reached a competitive level; later on, wanting to explore other territories, she moved to different types of sports, like tennis, football and swimming; but she would feel they were not artistic enough to express herself completely.
This would bring her to discover different types of dance, like ballet, jazz, hip-hop and salsa, but finding a perfect way of communicating herself through modern dance. Which would bring her on stage in different venues all around Mexico city and she would realize that performing was something she wanted to do for living.

But it wasn’t till she was introduced to tissu as a therapy against her fear of heights that she would experience for the first time the sweet mix between adrenaline and the capacity of feeling the full control of your body winning over your fear; bringing you to the most extreme conditions of flexibility and strength.
Diana would become addicted to this feeling, from that moment on and would travel to Montreal, to join the National Circus School, where she would discover a whole new technical word in an nontraditional apparatus, the turning hoop, where swinging or fixed she would be able to create a relation and a conversation with it, a conversation she wants to share with the world.